Market your speaking skills

Public speaking skills are highly sought after by organizations. If you are a talented presenter, it is a great skill to list on a resume—even if you aren’t a professional speaker. If you are a professional speaker, you should be getting the word out about your skill. Here are some great tips to market yourself:

  • Publicize your availability. People may not know that you are interested in speaking. Mention to your boss that you’d be open to offering customer demonstrations or to training a new group of employees. If you are a professional speaker, create a website advertising your services, and provide a schedule of your availability.
  • Use social media. Use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to announce that you are available to speak on specific subjects. Also post updates about sessions you recently led.
  • Add the skill to your resume and social media profiles. Being an outstanding public speaker is considered a rare skill. It can make you stand out from the pack and lead to jobs that offer you the potential to address a crowd regularly.
  • Ask for reviews and recommendations. After you give a presentation, ask your audience members to write a testimony or to recommend you on LinkedIn. Those firsthand accounts can seal the deal when people are looking for keynote speakers for their own events.
  • Write articles. Submit articles or blog posts in your area of expertise to appropriate media outlets. Many content producers accept article submission or guest blog posts. You may even want to consider creating your own blog or weekly e-newsletter if you plan to speak professionally. It’s a great way to share your knowledge with people—and keep your name and services in front of them.
  • Work pro bono. Consider presenting for free an audio conference or webinar. It gives you practice, but more important, it offers you exposure and the opportunity to showcase your speaking talents, which can lead to paid gigs.

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