3 tips for using on-stage technology

The performance of on-stage technology is notoriously finicky. Even low-tech presentations can be undone by poor- or nonperforming technology. Use these 3 tips to help ensure your next presentation is tech-stress free:

  1. Use your own power cables and adapters. Everyone has a story about scrambling to find the right display adapter 10 minutes before going on stage. Don’t assume the venue has the cables you need. Bring your own, and for good measure, bring a backup set as well.
  2. Plan for an offline presentation. If you are relying on wireless connectivity to demo a product or show a video, don’t. While you might be pleasantly surprised by a strong wireless signal, having a locally hosted software demo or video preloaded on your laptop is a best practice.
  3. Use a handheld microphone if possible. Lapel and behind-the-ear mics are snazzy, but a handheld microphone gets you out from behind the podium and gives you a focal point for your hands.

—Adapted from “A Few Tricks About Public Speaking and Stage Technology,” , Mozilla Developer Network evangelist, christianheilmann.com.

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