Quick tip: Omit this phrase from presentations

At the beginning of your presentation, don’t tell your audience: “Don’t bother to take notes. I’ll provide you with a detailed handout when I finish.” That suggests to your listeners that they don’t need to focus on what you are saying as you speak. Besides, if everything is written down for them, do you really need to present at all?

Better strategy: Provide them with a handout of the skeleton of your presentation and encourage them to take notes as they see fit. Or you make available through your website additional handouts and more in-depth material.

One response to “Quick tip: Omit this phrase from presentations

  1. It’s funny to read this because I did do an outline for my audience at my last presentation and some were not happy with it. I offered to send anyone a copy of the powerpoint if they just emailed me but so far no one has taken me up on the offer (2 weeks ago). I still think it makes more sense than to give them a lot of stuff that they may not look at again because they were not as engaged in it.

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