Write a last-minute speech

Impress your audience even when you have little time to prepare. Be ready to deliver your talk in 10 minutes by following these steps:

  • Understand your purpose. Define your audience and the objective of your speech. When you have a short time to prepare, you can’t waste time going down the wrong track. Ask the host or organizer of the event for audience demographics and expectations.
  • Create notes. Use index cards or paper to develop an outline. It’s more likely that you’ll veer off on tangents when you haven’t had time to prepare. Written notes will control wandering thoughts and keep you on track.
  • Spend five minutes on the middle of your speech. This is the bulk of your content, so develop it first to be sure you have enough time to work on it. Develop four major points.
  • Spend the remaining four minutes on the introduction and conclusion. Begin with a humorous story or an anecdote that mirrors the audience’s interests. Concluding by going over your four pain points
  • Modify your presentation. Use the final minute to rewrite notes or practice tricky sections of your speech.

— Adapted from “How to Write a Speech in 10 Minutes,” How, http://www.eHow.com.


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