Find powerful stories for speeches

medium_6103459822Connect your audience to your message at an emotional level. Tell a story that will involve them and be memorable. Find the right story with these practices:

  • Remember a similar time. Think about situations—including ones outside of work—that are like the one you want to discuss. Example: How is your team entering a new market like your son starting a new school?
  • Connect current events. As you read news stories or watch sports, think about how those events might reflect the lesson you want your audience to take away.
  • Check out a book or a movie. Look for a plot line or title you can adapt.
  • Ask others. Talk to adults and children about your presentation. Best bet: People who aren’t directly connected to your business may have the best ideas or insights.

Tip: Keep a file of stories you might be able to use in the future.

— Adapted from “Finding a Story for a Specific Communication Purpose,” by Kevin Eikenberry, Leadership & Learning,

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