Words and phrases to avoid

To make your speech crisper and more compelling, eliminate the following sloppy or redundant words and phrases from your vocabulary:

  1. This point in time. Now will do the job.
  2. So as to. Usually, a simple to will do.
  3. Suppose to, use to. Don’t let the hard “d” sound in supposed to and used to disappear during your speech. “We used to do that” or “We are supposed to do it this way.”
  4. The reason why is because. Lose the extra words and simply use the reason is or because.
  5. Til. Don’t use this word as a substitute for until.
  6. Try and. Never try and do something. Try to do something.
  7. Thusly. Use thus or therefore instead. 8. Utilize. In most cases, use is a much better choice.

— Adapted from “Plague Words and Phrases,” http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu.


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