Pack for a flawless presentation

Use a checklist to load your laptop bag with all the technical items you need for a great presentation. Include these:

  • A flash drive with a copy of your presentation, in case your laptop fails or you need to run your presentation from a different device.
  • A remote—with fresh batteries—so you can advance slides when you walk away from your laptop. A model with a laser pointer allows you to pinpoint key elements too. 
  • Miniature speakers to boost the output from your laptop, particularly if you will be hyperlinking to online content, such as videos.

Tuck in some extra business cards too, so you won’t run out.

— Adapted from “Presentation Tips: Four Ways to Excel,” Julia Smith, Trade Show News Network,

One response to “Pack for a flawless presentation

  1. Hey I am feeling so smart. I have all three (or 4 if you count business cards) always in my to go case. Thanks for bringing them up.

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