Break free of standard templates

You wouldn’t dream of standing silent for 12 minutes of your hour-long presentation or showing only your organization’s logo as a dozen of the slides in your deck. But that’s essentially what you’re doing if your slide template includes a logo that takes up 20% of the space.

Retain branding without sacrificing too much space. Display the logo in these ways:

  • At the beginning and end. Include the logo on the first slide, introducing the topic and yourself, and at the end, when you tell people how to contact you for further information.
  • Only on text slides. When you show a chart or graph, omit the logo so you can use the entire slide space for a large and easy-to-read graphic.
  • Discretely. Superimpose the logo in a small area of the image, so it doesn’t distract from the visual impact.
  • Smaller. Instead of including the logo with a colored bar across the top of every slide, place a small version in the corner of each slide.

— Adapted from “Corporate Templates Can Undermine a Slide Presentation,” John Zimmer, No Sweat Public Speaking,

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