Sound natural when you present

Appear calm and confident when speaking to a group. Make your presentation sound like a conversation, with these techniques:

  • Know the topics cold. Practice until the words flow from you effortlessly, with no notes if possible.
  • Slow down. People tend to speak faster when they are nervous, so take your time. Remember that pauses are a natural part of a      conversation.
  • Use an audio system. Don’t strain yourself to speak loudly.
  • Talk to one person. Instead of thinking of all the people in the room, address yourself to one person at a time as you make eye      contact. Then move to another person.
  • Set your hands free. Allow your hands to move naturally,      unless you have any nervous habits with them. In most conversations your  hands rest comfortably at your side until you are emphasizing a point.

Remember: The more times you speak in front of a group, the more comfortable it will become. Take advantage of opportunities to practice presenting.


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