Convey your message with color

In the December issue of Communication Briefings, we covered how your choice in color scheme can affect the mood of your presentation. Read on to learn how to use color to suit your purpose.

Every color invokes a particular feeling, so choose a color scheme for your presentation that sets the mood and persuades your audience to feel a certain way.

Opt for warm colors such as red, orange and yellow to portray vibrancy and enthusiasm.

  • Red works well as an accent color to signify passion and importance.
  • Orange conveys energy and change.
  • Yellow, the brightest of the warm colors, indicates cheerfulness and hope.

Choose cool colors such as green, blue and purple to communicate relaxation and stability.

  • Green signifies nature and growth.
  • Blue imparts calm, strength and dependability.
  • Light purple denotes luxury and prosperity.
  • Dark purple conveys romance.

Alternatively, use classic black and white as effective backdrops and then add accent colors to complete your message.

  • Black communicates sophistication, formality and power.
  • White creates space and invokes purity, simplicity and goodness.

This story was adapted from “Presentation Design 101: Using Color,” Ethos3,


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