Coming up with a strong presentation title

Choose a boring title—or don’t choose one at all—and you miss an opportunity to pique your attendees’ interest. Use a catchy title and you make people want to hear what you have to say. Craft your title around these elements:

  • Results or action. Include a strong action word, or verb, in your title. Example: Purpose: To decrease production expenses in 2Q.
  • Benefits. Answer for your listeners one question: “What’s in it for me?” Example: Purpose: To eliminate data entry for accounting staff.
  • Drama. Refer to some element of mystery or controversy, but don’t go overboard and risk seeming melodramatic. Example: Purpose: To change the way we connect with customers forever.
  • Fun. Signal to your audience that yours will be an enjoyable presentation. Include an element of fun. Example: Purpose: To grub on delicious food, connect with old friends and establish a POA for the ABC acquisition.
  • Humor. Can you work in a reference to a well-known title or phrase? Can you use words that have a humorous double meaning?  Example: Purpose: To make our competitors green with envy (to reference a new green initiative that will also increase profits).

This advice comes directly from the pages of the brand-new training kit Every Person’s Guide to Public Speaking.


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