Take your mistakes in stride

On Wednesday Sen. Marco Rubio experienced what some of us have had nightmares about. Nearing the end of his foreign policy speech at the Brookings Institution, Rubio discovered that the final page of his notes was missing. Watch his unflustered reaction:

The senator grinned at his blunder, but then he returned—almost seamlessly—to his speech. Well done!

As he wrapped up, it became obvious why he couldn’t improvise his conclusion: “This is why I needed this page,” Rubio chuckled, before reading a quote from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He made light of his gaffe again when, after his speech, the moderator said there wouldn’t be much time for questions: “Maybe I should have left the last page off then.”

Politics aside, I have to say I’m impressed by Rubio’s handling of a potentially catastrophic speaking mistake.

Which other speakers have you seen handle blunders well?


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