3 Internet memes you can use in presentations

A good hook is critical for a successful presentation, but fortunately, you don’t have to create one from scratch. Instead of writing your own joke or creating your own image, adapt a popular Internet meme (i.e. an image or concept that has spread via the Internet) to your material. People who are familiar with the meme will enjoy “getting” the reference, and if you choose wisely, even those audience members who were unfamiliar with the meme will appreciate it. That’s how memes grow in popularity, after all.

Here are three hot memes that you can easily adapt for your next speech:

  1. The “What people think I do” meme.
    Why it’s a good choice: This simple meme can be adapted for any profession, position, lifestyle, religion or any other group. In very little text and few images, it has the potential to be both thought-provoking and humorous. Someone who’d never seen the meme before would have no problem following along. The simple design is easy to copy, or if you’re using PowerPoint, you could place each image with the caption on its own slide.
  1. The “Success kid” meme.
    Why it’s a good choice: There are tons of the image-with-accompanying-text memes, but the “Success kid” is useful because it doesn’t require a lot of explanation for unfamiliar viewers. Use it for anything—serious or not—that you want to celebrate. You can generate your own version here.
  1. Your e-cards. Why it’s a good choice: Someecards.com launched the “Create your own card” feature so users could personalize their e-cards. Many of those created, however, went viral, and the meme was born. The site provides a number of image options, so you will probably be able to find one that relates to your presentation material. Caution: These memes are typically snarky and irreverent. Before you take this route, consider whether it’s an appropriate choice for your audience and topic.

What other Internet memes have you seen successfully used in presentations?

[Image Source 1 | 2 | 3]


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