Are your slides working for you?

By Kendall Martin

Visual aids certainly have their place in a presentation. Many people are visual learners, and if information is presented both verbally and visually, it is easier for them to retain. However, both the presentation and slide organization need to be done properly to be an effective part of your speech. Follow these guidelines for a successful slide presentation:

  • Take your time. Slides with important information should remain on the screen for at least one minute. Give attendees the opportunity to review information and take notes if necessary.
  • Limit material. Using slides with too much information can confuse your audience. Limit slides to one topic.
  • Build momentum. Time your slides with key points in your speech. This will keep your audience interested.
  • Check height. Avoid losing the attention of attendees who may be struggling to see or read your slides. Set the screen at least four feet above the floor.
  • Use color. Slides with basic black text and no images or color can become boring in a longer presentation. Keep your visuals interesting and your audience engaged.

What advice do you have for using visual aids?


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