Be seen and heard before you hit the stage

By Kendall Martin

Whether you are a seasoned professional or are just starting out in the public speaking arena, you need to learn how to market yourself in order to book speaking engagements. The difference between a packed calendar and a dry spell comes down to your ability to sell yourself as a speaker.

Stay on top of your game with these key marketing practices:

  • Film your speech. Recruit someone to record your speaking engagements so you have examples to present to potential clients. The decision between you and another speaker may come down to the client getting a sneak peek of one of your successful presentations.
  • Create your own category. Avoid being lumped together with other speakers. Pinpoint what makes you unique and use it to your advantage. Identify what separates you from the rest and play that as your approach.
  • Maintain a source for more information. A website or blog is an inexpensive and essential tool for marketing yourself. Create a user-friendly site where potential clients can go to learn more about your service. Writing a regular blog is a great way to demonstrate your personality, style and expertise.
  • Be seen and heard. Write-ups in newspapers or magazines and visibility on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube get people talking about you. Have a strong online presence. Keep track of your reviews and write-ups, and quote them or link to them on your website.

What other marketing tips do you have for booking speaking engagements?

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