Will you hire backup dancers for your next presentation?

This TED talk from John Bohannon was too good not to share:

In case you don’t have time to watch it right this second, the gist is this: Bohannon, in the style of Jonathan Swift, makes his own “modest proposal” to replace all PowerPoint presentations with dancers.

Sound completely impractical? Maybe it is, but it’s still an idea worth exploring. Bohannon is obviously being a little facetious when he says that “bad PowerPoint presentations are a serious threat to the global economy.” I doubt that he really believes we should throw out every single slide show or that dance is always the best way to convey big ideas. That would be silly.

But what’s not silly is the idea that speakers should stop relying on PowerPoint as the default presentation tool. Think outside the box—about your topic, about your audience, about your speaking persona—when determining the most effective way to deliver your message. Maybe it’s dance. Maybe it’s PowerPoint. Maybe it’s something totally different.

Learn how to use PowerPoint the right way with “I Need My Laser Pointer” and Other PowerPoint Myths Busted.

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