Control your sweat glands

By Mary Schrack

Presenting in front of a crowd is nerve-wracking enough as it is. Throw excessive sweating into the mix and you’ve got a nightmare. Take sweating off the list of things that stress you out about presentations. Follow this advice:

  • Wear the right clothes. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen let your body breathe and keep you cooler and less sweaty.
  • Eat the right foods. Eat foods that contain water, like fruits and vegetables. Chlorophyll helps with body odor and sweating, so eat foods such as spinach that contain that chemical. Bottled chlorophyll is available at most drug stores and can be added to foods as well. Avoid spicy foods, onions and garlic.
  • Use the right antiperspirant. Deodorants and antiperspirants with a high concentration of aluminum chloride work the best for people with overactive sweat glands.
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is important to avoiding embarrassing sweat and body odor. When your body starts sweating, it’s a sign that it is overheated. Drinking cold water will cool it down and help you stop sweating.
  • Powder up. Applying body powder on your feet, under your arms and anywhere else you notice gets particularly sweaty can help to absorb extra moisture. It can also take the shine off your face, neck and chest that is sometimes visible under stage lights.

Follow these suggestions for your next presentation and while you may be nervous, you won’t look like it.

What are some things you do to stop sweating or reduce the appearance of sweat?


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