Don’t try to be Steve Jobs

By Amy Beth Miller

Among his many accomplishments, Steve Jobs also was known as a great presenter. The Apple CEO exuded passion with his words, his voice and his gestures. He distilled messages into brief, memorable catchphrases. He wowed audiences.

You should learn from Jobs’ techniques, as well as other great presenters’. But don’t imitate them.

Many observers noted that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos seemed to model his announcement of the Kindle Fire tablet last month in Jobs’ style, and Bezos fell short.

Discover what works for other presenters, and adapt it to your own style. That will allow you to stand out instead of standing in the shadow of someone else. Remember, Jobs’ success came from innovating, not imitating.

For a reminder of Jobs’ speaking skills, here’s a look at his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005:

3 responses to “Don’t try to be Steve Jobs

  1. “Stay Hungry….Stay foolilsh”….leave it to Steve Jobs. If you haven’t given this a listen, you should.

  2. Good advice, Amy.

    Be true to yourself and develop your own style.

    No one can be you, either!

    Thanks for the Post!

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