You aren’t Pixar

By Amy Beth Miller

I felt like I was on an amusement park ride, as bullet points whooshed on and off the screen and images spun around. Cleary the presenter had fallen in love with PowerPoint’s animation effects, and it was a bad romance.

When you create a slide deck, remember that you aren’t working for Pixar Animation Studios. Keep the focus on your message, not the special effects.

Before you choose a Fly In, Float In, Dissolve In, Peek In, Spiral In, Boomerang, Split, Wipe, Wheel, Wave, Grow & Turn, Zoom, Color Pulse, Teeter, Spin, Swivel, Flip or Bounce—or any of the other dozens of available effects—ask what it will do to enhance your message. The wrong animation at the wrong time is a distraction.

Discover how to avoid the most common PowerPoint abuses and create quality visuals with “I Need My Laser Pointer” and Other PowerPoint Myths Busted.

What are the best and worst uses you have seen with animation effects?


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