Our readers tell us: Check out the Prompster app for iPad

Phil Brown, a subscriber at AmericanSpeaker.com, sent in this great advice:

I’ve now used the iPad on four occasions to give a prepared speech, and each time it has worked great. Although I’m still experimenting on just how much material to write out on the iPad (to be spoken verbatim) as opposed to writing notes on a card, having the iPad on the lectern is fantastically simple.

Initially, I was using the Keynote app (equivalent to PowerPoint—but better) with each “slide” holding between 6 and 10 lines of text/notes. You can highlight, change color, style and font to give yourself speech ‘instructions’ for adding emphasis or inserting gestures, pauses and so on.

Because this is a presentation app, you only need to touch the screen to move to the next ‘page,’ and you can achieve that without breaking step or drawing attention to the act. Importing speeches can be a pain, but it’s simple enough to find shortcuts, such as copying and pasting from other documents, and once you’re there, copy is easy to edit.

More recently I’ve been using the Prompster app which, as soon as you start, provides you with a clock in the corner and scrolls through the text from top to bottom at a speed you choose. I feel one of the big advantages of Prompster over Keynote is the fact that your entire speech is on one page which makes drafting, editing and reading so much easier than having to move between pages.

Indeed, the combination of the iPad portability and the extremely quick editing makes for a powerful tool kit for the speaker. No ‘booting up’ and ‘closing down.’ Prompster is slightly limited in that it doesn’t currently allow you to highlight individual words as bold, underlined and so on. However, I include other symbols, such as !! // \\ as markers for pausing and emphasizing words. My tips:

  1. Get an IPad.
  2. Get Prompster.
  3. Get Practicing.

Have you used Prompster or another presentation app for iPad? What was your experience?

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